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Gomadic Solar Chargers

Powerful Portable Solar Charging Systems like you have never seen before

Gomadic Solar Chargers offer the perfect compromise to portability and power. With our SunVolt and SunStash family of products, users can charge multiple electronic devices, simultaneously with amazing power and efficiency. Gomadic Solar Chargers act as an ideal emergency power solution during power outages as well as off-grid convenience at locations like the pool, beach, sailboat, or campground. In just a few seconds, a Gomadic Portable Solar Charger can be set up to provide instant power to your mobile electronic devices. A lightweight water-resistant carrying case with non-slip strips makes the system highly portable and a breeze to use. Available in both standard and 50% more powerful “MAX” sizes, Gomadic Solar Chargers mean you’ll never lose power again, even when you’re away from an outlet for extended periods of time.

SunVolt versus SunStash

Both product families are very similar. They are both extremely powerful and portable, use the same custom designed carrying case and are each available in standard and MAX panel sizes. The primary difference between the two is the way that they dispense the charging power. The SunVolt charges your devices directly from the sun. Simply open the SunVolt case up, point the panel at the sun and plug in your devices! The SunVolt can charge anywhere from 1-3 devices simultaneously with outlet like speeds (depending on the conditions). The SunStash, unlike the SunVolt, has a large lithium battery inside which acts as a buffer between the panel and your devices. With the SunStash, the solar panel charges the internal battery and the internal battery powers your various devices. There are two large upsides to this method. The first is that you can charge the battery during the day and then charge your devices when the sun has gone down at night. The second is that with the SunStash's ability to store power, the battery pack can charge higher voltage devices such as laptop and netbook computers.
SunVolt SunVolt Max SunStash SunStash Max
solar panel power rating (Watts) 10 15 10 15
example number of supported devices able to charge at same time 2 mobile devices via USB power ports and/or included TipExchange Tip 3 mobile devices via USB power ports and/or included TipExchange Tip 1 Laptop + 1 mobile devices via USB power ports 1 Laptop + 2 mobile devices via USB power ports
Gomadic TipExchange circuit to charge mobile devices by plugging directly into your device included included option sold seperately option sold seperately
laptop charging 60Wh battery pack (recharged using solar panel or included wall power supply) option sold seperately option sold seperately included included
USB power port for charging via your own USB cable supported supported supported supported
optional accessories available for upgradeability and interchangeability among all solar panel options listed here supported supported supported supported
List Price $99.95 $129.95 $199.95 $229.95


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