SunVolt Portable Solar Power Station - charge your gadgets directly from the sun

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Use sunlight to simultaneously charge up to two mobile electronic devices on a sunny day with outlet-like speed. Boasting a powerful monocrystalline solar panel, a lightweight water-resistant carrying case and Gomadic's efficient power regulation technology, the SunVolt Solar Power Station means you'll never lose power again, even when you're off-grid for extended periods of time.

You can even purchase additional high capacity lithium polymer batteries with your SunVolt system to store excess energy. Simply plug your SunVolt into the battery pack's charging input port and your gadget into the DC output and you'll have power well into the evening.

Inside The SunVolt Solar Power Station

  • One (1) Monocrystalline solar panel.
  • One (1) lightweight carrying case.
  • One (1) Power Regulation Circuit. The SunVolt's regulation circuit is detachable to facilitate future charging options. Please note that both the solar panel and circuit are preinstalled prior to shipping.
  • Multiple Charging Ports. Three (3) charging ports are included with the SunVolt.
  • Standard Female USB (Type A Receptacle). Standard Female USB plugs resemble your PC's USB port and can therefore be used to charge any device that charges from your computer's USB port.
  • Instruction Card. A detailed set of instructions are included.

The SunVolt Case

A robust lightweight carrying case houses each SunVolt system.

Built To Last

The case's outer shell is made of high quality, 1680 densely stitched Ballistic Nylon, which provides a durable and water resistant surface. Its padded and rigid inserts both protect and cushion the panel as well as any other inside contents, which you might be carrying.

Aim & Charge

The SunVolt's solar panel is held in place by a hinged, rigid inner shell that easily folds out and fits into one of several angle adjuster slots. This means you can change the panel's position based where the sun is when you need to charge.

Get Organized!

Use the case's large accessible front pocket to store both charging cables and devices, multiple smartphones or most tablet-sized computers. Inside the front pocket you'll find additional compartments for better organization and storage.


The SunVolt case's exterior has four Neoprene non-slip pads that keep the panel from slipping or shifting while you're charging.

Carrying Options

A durable twill weaved handle and sturdy steel loops for an optional shoulder strap offer two ways to carry your SunVolt Solar Power Station. High quality loops and rugged double stitching mean this case will stand up to even the most rugged outdoors use!


Each SunVolt comes with a lifetime warranty that covers any manufacturer defects.