Solar Cache High Capacity Battery Pack for SunVolt

Solar Cache.  A high capacity battery pack addon for the SunVolt product line
  • Gomadic - Charge Responsibly
  • Gomadic - Charge Responsibly
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  • Model No.: SBP
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    Gomadic SunVolt

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Store excess solar power for use later with SunVolt's Solar Cache.
  • Uses high capacity rechargeable battery technology (19 Wh / 5200 mah) in a compact design
  • Specification: Internal Battery (5200mAh lithium polymer), Input port (microUSB), Output Port (Standard USB), Onboard Circuit Design (Apple iPhone 4S Specific), Dimensions (2.8 X 2.1 X 0.75 inches), TipExchange enabled (Yes)
  • Designed with a front facing LED display that clearly display the current battery capacity at the touch of a button

Don't want to hang around for your solar panel to charge your phone, camera, etc then let this pack charge and save energy while you are out and about. When you come back the pack will have saved that power for you and ready for your to tap even if the sun is down.