Coiled Power Hot Sync USB Cable suitable for the Memorex MMP8620 MMP8640 with both data and charge features - Uses Gomadic TipExchange Technology

Coiled USB Cable compatible with the Memorex MMP8620 MMP8640
  • Gomadic - Charge Responsibly
  • Gomadic - Charge Responsibly
  • Gomadic - Charge Responsibly
  • Gomadic - Charge Responsibly
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  • Model No.: SCC-1903-21
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    Memorex MMP8620 MMP8640

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A unique coiled USB cable which will both sync and charge your Memorex MMP8620 MMP8640 at the same time. Built using our unique TipExchange technology and covered by a lifetime warranty.
  • Included TipExchange technology enables cable to be easily upgraded by simply switching the physical connector plug. Specific connection for the Memorex MMP8620 MMP8640 is included, with additional connectors for thousands of other devices available separately.
  • Specification: Cable length: (12 to 30 inches), Outer Shell Material: (Coiled PU), Internal Leads: 24AWG, TipExchange Connector Design (Memorex MMP8620 MMP8640 Specific)
  • No additional AC power required. Uses power from the USB port of the computer to charge the Memorex MMP8620 MMP8640
  • Well-made, coiled construction custom built for dual sync and charge services of the Memorex MMP8620 MMP8640. Works from the standard USB data port of any PC.
  • Coiled design is the ideal compromise between durability and compactness. Quality 24AWG lead data lines maximize both charging and data speeds.

Provide constant power to the Memorex MMP8620 MMP8640 while simultaneously hot synching data with a PC by using our unique Coiled Hot Sync and Charge USB cable. Reduce the number of cables you carry around to power and sync your Memorex MMP8620 MMP8640 by 50% by simply adding this product to your accessory arsenal. Smartly constructed using the Gomadic upgradeable TipExchange System, this cable will be well positioned to continue to serve you long after you have moved on from your Memorex MMP8620 MMP8640. Of course, this product, like all Gomadic products, is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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