Gomadic Brand Car Auto Cup Holder Mount suitable for the LG Scoop - Attaches to your vehicle cupholder

Cup Holder compatible with the LG Scoop
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  • Model No.: CAM-2113
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    LG Scoop

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Securely hold your LG Scoop using your cup holder in your car. Goose neck provides any viewing angle you can dream up.
  • The Gomadic Holder base is designed to support the LG Scoop device. Side grips and support feet configured to support precise dimensions (109 x 51 x 17.8 mm).
  • The Gomadic Cupholder base expands in diameter to accommodate nearly every vehicle cupholder made. The circular base can expand from 2 1/2 inches diameter to upwards of 3 5/8 inches.
  • Mount includes a 360 degree integrated joint to easily rotate between landscape and portrait modes.
  • Quick release side grips securely hold the LG Scoop when in use, and quickly and effortlessly releases it when you are ready to go.
  • Special non-scratch and non-slide coating is used throughout the holder. Unlike many competitors, this product will not scratch or scuff your device.

It is hard to find a vehicle nowadays that does not come with several cup holders placed in very convenient locations. Why not use one of these to hold your LG Scoop for clear visibility and fingertip access? With the Gomadic Brand Cupholder Mount for the LG Scoop it has never been easier to setup and hold your LG in a safe, secure and professional looking manner. Simply place the base of the mount in the vehicle cupholder location, turn the adjustment dial, and watch as the circular base of the mount expands for a secure fit. Next, place the LG Scoop into the included holder, adjust the viewing angle as desired, and you are on your way. It is that simple! Like all Gomadic products, this quality auto mount is backed by our lifetime warranty. Go ahead and travel with style!

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