Gomadic Car and Wall Charger Essential Kit suitable for the Hanvon WISEreader B630 - Includes both AC Wall and DC Car Charging Options with TipExchange

Car & Home Charger Kit compatible with the Hanvon WISEreader B630
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  • Gomadic - Charge Responsibly
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  • Model No.: BEK-4506
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    Hanvon WISEreader B630

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A money saving power bundle for the Hanvon WISEreader B630 that combines both an AC Wall Charger and a DC Car Charger. Both include 1000mA of power, TipExchange and have a lifetime warranty.
  • This Gomadic Car charger has a wide input voltage range of 12-24vDC to support all vehicle charging ports. Works in cars, trucks, planes, boat, RVs and more (both domestic and international). Available output current is an impressive 10W/2A . (Twice most competing products!)
  • Gomadic Wall Charger is built to support worldwide voltage input levels ranging from 100-240vAC /50-60 Hz. High output 10W /2A transformer provides output voltage and resistor configuration specific to the Hanvon WISEreader B630.
  • Gomadic TipExchange Technology protects your investment by allowing you to change/upgrade either charger by simply swapping the physical charging tip. (Charging tips for Hanvon WISEreader B630 included with additional tips sold separately).
  • Kit includes two essential Hanvon WISEreader B630 accessories in one convenient package.
  • Both Gomadic car and wall chargers employ state of the art, advanced internal circuitry to protect Hanvon WISEreader B630 from power surges, overcharging and short-circuiting.

Our most popular accessory bundle for the Hanvon WISEreader B630 combines two useful chargers in one convenient, money saving package. With the Gomadic Essential Charging Kit for the Hanvon WISEreader B630, you will receive one each of our best-selling AC Wall chargers and our new Micro DC car chargers. Both products use our latest advancements in power regulation to provide powerful (10W / 2A), safe (protection against power surges, short circuiting and overcharging) and durable (backed by a lifetime warranty) charging options for your device. In addition, the integrated Gomadic TipExchange System ensures that your chargers can be used long after you move on from the Hanvon WISEreader B630. This could be the last wall and car charger you ever need to buy!