Charging Station

Charging Station
Charging Station
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Charging Station

Fight Wall Warts And Tangleweed One Cord At A Time No more wondering where you left your mobile gadget. No more unattractive wall warts and tangle weed polluting your power strips and outlets. Gomadic’s brand new Charging Station was created to bridge the gap between technological efficiency and stunning home design. Compatible with Gomadic’s innovative TipExchange Technology that works with thousands of mobile devices; the Charging Station gives you limitless options; providing a safe and tangle-free command center to charge 4 of your family’s devices at once.


Not a power strip in disguise like other universal charging solutions; the Gomadic Charging Station offers a clean streamlined solution unseen in either the technology or home design markets. While other charging solutions simply hide your AC adapters in a fire-risky environment; Gomadic’s uses one outgoing cord; offering a fire safe and ecologically sustainable solution to everyone from the chicest urbanite to the circuit salivating gadget aficionados we all know and love.


Improve Your Home Design And Safety


Dream of a neat and tidy kitchen counter and you’ll see the Charging Station shining smartly above your silverware drawer. Imagine an attractive home office space and our Charging Station will dazzle you with its clean lines and shininess. More importantly; you’re organized: which means you’ll never be late to the middle school production of Cats because you were looking for your mobile gadget. What’s more; you’ll never need to buy a new cord for your new mobile devices again!


Make your home beautiful! Go Gomadic and clean up your life

  • One connection to wall charges any four devices simultaneously
  • Organize your home seamlessly.
  • Offers safe power connection without fire risks like other docks.
  • TipExchange lets you swap devices in and out with a simply click of a tip.
  • Recyclable concept saves you both time and money: Change devices and never buy a new wall charger again!
  • Charging adapter works with both foreign and domestic voltages (100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz) Plug adapters not included