Gomadic Air Vent Clip Based Cradle Holder Car / Auto Mount suitable for the Blackberry 7100x - Lifetime Warranty

Vent Swivel Car Auto Holder Mount compatible with the Blackberry 7100x
  • Gomadic - Charge Responsibly
  • Gomadic - Charge Responsibly
  • Gomadic - Charge Responsibly
  • Gomadic - Charge Responsibly
  • Gomadic - Charge Responsibly
  • Gomadic - Charge Responsibly
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  • Model No.: VAM-0781-25
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    Blackberry 7100x

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The perfect auto mount for the vehicles air vents. Our three point clip systems provides a sturdy holder for your Blackberry 7100x. Covered by lifetime warranty.
  • A vent mounted cradle base for use with the Blackberry 7100x device. Holder is designed to adjust to accommodate the exact required dimensions (117 x 59 x 20.5 mm).
  • Spring loaded vent clips designed to accommodate both horizontal and vertical oriented air vent systems.
  • Gomadic Holder is highly adjustable with sliding/rotating mechanisms on side and bottom ensuring easy access to all Blackberry 7100x buttons and controls.
  • Gomadic holder base is simple to use and will set up and store in seconds. Built using a failsafe mechanism to safely and securely hold device.
  • Engineered using non-scratch and non-slip materials on all contact surfaces.

The Gomadic Vent Mount is one of the easiest ways to have a very professional factory-installed appearance for your Blackberry 7100x. Simple to install and nearly universally compatible with all vehicle air vent systems, the vent mount will safely and securely hold your Blackberry 7100x. Designed with highly adjustable support mechanisms in both the spring loaded vent clips as well as the cradle holder adjusters, users can easily customize the device viewing angle to their exact specification. Uniquely designed, flexibly engineered and well-constructed of light but durable materials, this product is backed by our lifetime warranty. Safely travel in style with this unique vent mount!

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