Here at Gomadic we take time to answer questions, and sincerely care about quality. We want to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible. Here's just a sample of the great feedback we've received from our customers:

You guys are the best!!!! I am very very happy to have done business with you. I will be sure to recommend you to all my family and friends. Your customer service is just about the best I have ever seen. It has been a real please to buy from you. Please continue this for all your customers. So often today customer service is horrible. Thanks again and feel free to use my comments to tell others about how great your service is.


I have found the solution for both laptop and pda via wireless cell phone. A big THANKS!!!

Currently I'm wirelessly connecting my PDA/Laptop(s) using your "ComCube" cable. I love how I can use this conduit with just about any PDA/cell phone. I've found this to be a great (and economical) solution for my wireless needs. I got connected (via both my laptop and Palm) and I was pleased to find that I didn't need to go out and buy the newest most expensive Palm or phone, or any software or modem.

Kind Regards, JH (Software Engineer/Web Developer)  

I work as a senior executive in customer care operations. I am so sick of sending e-mails that are never answered and leaving phone messages that are never returned, that when I sent my e-mail to you, it was only an exercise in proving my theory that NOBODY does electronic customer care right. I'm flabergasted that you responded so quickly. This suggests that your sales and service organizations are equally responsive. It is my intention to, today, purchase the below recommended phone and place an order for the appropriate ComCube product. Thanks in advance for your excellent customer care.

I.M. (Principal, CSC Corp.)