Custom Solutions

As a full-service cable solution provider, Gomadic is always searching for new and exciting ways to provide you with affordable and recyclable solutions for all of your mobile accessory or hardware needs.

In addition to the many products we offer to fit your iPods, Motorolla Phones, Treos and Blackberrys or whatever you might need, we offer customized cable solutions to fill large quantity orders or to actualize your or your company's initial designs and ideas. We are happy to oversee any and all aspects of your cable production project from concept and design to production and delivery. In fact, we have worked for many corporate agencies over the years, providing them with the specialized Gomadic solutions that are garnering praise in both the trade and mainstream media. Our client list is available upon request.

We also specialize in corporate and personal solutions that are adaptable for many devices. This is the crux of our recyclable technology concept and we are ready to serve your company. In fact, our years of engineering expertise in the cable design field coupled with our unique manufacturing capabilities allow us to implement or create almost any cable design for less—within reason of course. While we can't promise we'll be able to fashion a cable that will hook your cell phone up to kitchen appliances like your refrigerator or toaster (these were serious queries!) we can provide your company with streamlined cable solutions that save both time and money. We offer connectors for nearly every major Mobile Phone, PDA and PC interface in the industry with lead time of 3-4 weeks and employ stringent production and quality assurance procedures to ensure that each cable is built exactly to your specification.

We pride ourselves on our ability to implement customized solutions for your office, retail outlet, or any corporate or personal need based on your preexisting design. We can even take your cable idea and design a cable for you as part of our well-honed concept development services.

Whether you've given iPods to your staff for the holidays and want customized cables with your corporate logo or you simply have a design idea that you want developed our Gomadic engineers and marketing team can offer leading edge engineering advice for almost every part of your logistical chain process.

Once you contact us, we give you an initial free consultation and an estimate for your project costs based on specialized requirements of your specific field as well as any subsequent consulting fees should you want us to build something for you from scratch. Once you decide on the project we ask for a small retainer to get your project going and then we begin research, development, and production of your cables or connectors. Whether you manage a real estate office with active field representatives or your sales team needs viable solutions for keeping all their devices up and running we can come up with versatile solutions that minimize the mess and inconvenience caused by multiple cables and wires. By applying the Gomadic solution to your entire office en masse you receive streamlined, interchangeable cables that work for almost all of the mobile devices on the market.

Trust Gomadic for your corporate cable solutions and know you are getting the best the industry has to offer.

Go Gomadic and streamline your corporate life.